Gold Stock Global Company provides a full range of professional real estate services in Alanya (Turkey).

We offer for our clients the best real estate for investment, for living and for business purposes.

The company’s specialists are ready to find the best solutions for each client.



For buyers

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    Selection of real estate

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    Inspection trips

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    Consulting and legal support

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    Support of the conclusion of the contract

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    Support for customers after purchase

For property sellers

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    Property inspections

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    Consulting and legal support

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    Searching for customers (for sale or rent)

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    Support of the conclusion of the contract

Customer services

If you decide to buy or rent a property in Turkey, welcome to the number of Gold Stock Global clients!
Our activity is licensed and consists in providing professional services to real estate buyers, using experience and best practices in the field of investment, immigration policy, legal support and consulting.
Our communication does not end with help in choosing and decorating an attractive apartment, villa or land. We will help you deal with public services, act as your representative in the tax authorities, make repairs, buy furniture in new housing, insure your apartment and solve many other organizational or household issues.
Our company offers services for renting your apartment for additional income, we have developed several service packages for you, detailed information is available on request at:
We are well aware that buying a property abroad, you not only invest in your future and the future of your children, but also consider Turkey as your possible second home. Make this house very hospitable, and the process of buying a safe and comfortable – this is our job, the most expensive reward for that, of course, is the joy of our customers, as well as their recommendations to friends and acquaintances.

Best price guarantee

Our company works directly with real estate developers or owners when it comes to real estate options for resale. No intermediaries and additional commissions.
According to Turkish law allowed the commission to the seller and the buyer in the amount of 6%, we work on equal terms with customers, citizens of Turkey, with the Europeans and Russian speakers from the former CIS countries.
We do not add in the commission the costs for the luxury office, secretaries, a car park or a massive advertisement. We earn not on high commissions, but on regular sales and promotion of modern instruments.
Close friendly relations with construction companies, knowledge of specifics of the market allow to receive exclusive offers real estate only for our company, you can also find them in our portfolio.
Welcome and bargain!

Mortgage offer

If you are also interested in financing the purchase of your new property in Turkey, Gold Stock Global can support you in mortgage of chosen property.
Required documents:
✓ passport,
✓ tax number,
✓ salary statement from work or any documental provements of your incomes,
✓ bank statement for the last 6 months prior to application,
✓ proof of residency via utility bill (should be no older than 3 months prior to application).
The mortgage process works in 2 parts:

  • The application to check if you are eligible for a mortgage
  • The release of the funds once the property has been valued by the bank

The loan period may go up to 15 years.
First payment for property starts from 30% from price of chosen property.
Mortgage interest rates vary in between 9% and 11% yearly depending on currency you will be applying for.

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Inspection trips

With our company you have the opportunity to learn the real estate market of Turkey.
In order to come and see the real estate options in accordance with your wishes, it is enough just to contact us and take a plane ticket! We undertake the entire organization of your arrival and stay.
Travel plan (adjusted with you):

  • Meeting at the airport
  • Shuttle Service
  • Free accommodation in the hotel or luxury apartments (at your choice)
  • Sightseeing tour
  • Inspection of real estate, selection of objects according to your criteria
  • Full legal support of the purchase
  • After-sales service

All this is organized to the smallest detail and is planned to help you in this new event for you!

  • In case of purchase, 3-4 days of accommodation is compensated, transfers from/to the airport, depending on the purchase amount, the cost of tickets can also be refunded. In case if for some reason you did not make a positive decision, the tour cost will be € 300.

If you need visa we also can support you with this question.

For partners

The company offers to create your own business for the sale of overseas property through the partner program.

By creating your own affiliate network with Gold Stock Global, you can get a steady income from the sales of overseas property.

The 7-level affiliate program allows you to receive income from direct sales of real estate and through sales made by your partners.

Please fil out this form and we will send you detailed information about our partner program.



Gold Stock Global offers real estate agencies and private realtors an advantageous working environment, an extensive portfolio of properties and offices in Mediterranean country: Turkey.

Legal support, service support, full information at all stages of work.

For your clients interested in investing, we form individual commercial offers with yield calculations based on real estate market monitoring data of these two countries.

We regularly hold partner seminars, organize information trips for our partners, so that you yourself can see the advantages of the real estate market in Turkey.

For detailed information about the terms of cooperation and the package of documents for the partner, please write to:


For every customer who will buy property in Turkey with amount more than 250 000 USD, our company support to get Turkish citizenship in 45 days for free!