Sell Your House With GSG!

If you have a property in Alanya, Turkey; and for some reason you decide to sell it, you can fill out the form below and we’ll include your apartment or villa in our catalog and database objects.
Sometimes the choice of apartments, penthouses, villas and even commercial real estate in Alanya, we are afraid of the risks are not sure what we would have liked to use the new property, we want to test the system of small commercial and government organizations in a foreign country. However, once plunged into the atmosphere of a “non-hotel” life of Turkish resorts, you probably want to do more: more friendly complex, large area, another bedroom at the new addition to the family, or another city.
We are always happy to help with this, not only in the purchase of your apartment in Alanya, but also sell already purchased by you. We have a large customer base, sophisticated marketing strategy, dedicated team and experience of working with the secondary market. We are happy to assist you!

If you want to sell property – please fill out this form.