The company was founded by professionals in the field of real estate, sales, franchising, partnership programs and innovative technologies.

The company’s mission

We help to achieve the dream of a person to live in prosperity and harmony, in the most beautiful corners of the whole world.

What we offer to people?

  • A wide range of properties abroad
  • Ready turnkey-business for the sale of foreign real estate
  • Full professional support of real estate deals
  • Creating your own affiliate network

The main tools in the company:

  • Franchise network;
  • Unique online platform;
  • Educational and social programs.

Open your own real estate business

The company offers to connect to the international platform and create your own business for the sale of overseas property through the franchise system.
By creating your own affiliate network of franchisees with Gold Stock Global, you can get a steady income from the sales of overseas property.
The 7-level affiliate program allows you to receive income from direct sales of real estate and through sales made by the company’s franchisees.

This business will work for you 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world where there is Internet!

Online platform

Constantly updated and complete information about the properties abroad
Personal account with a partner structure and user support
Methodical and promotional materials
Access to educational programs and information materials
Online support and customer support 24/7.

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Franchise offer

Open your own real estate business with partner network!

Affiliate program for franchisee

Gold Stock Global franchisees receive three sources of income:
1) direct sale of real estate;
2) the sale of properties in the affiliate network of franchisees;
3) the sale of the franchise company Gold Stock Global.

Business opportunities for everyone

The company provides business opportunities in a highly profitable and rapidly growing real estate market. The business model proposed for the company’s partners is low-cost and safe. It does not provide for the traditional costs of organizing a business and seed capital. Everything you need is provided by the company. Participants need only desire, time and energy!
Events organized by the company are held in the picturesque corners of those regions where real estate is offered. At the events, the participants not only receive the necessary knowledge and skills, but also have the opportunity to expand the circle of business contacts.
Educational online program for franchisees – an innovative educational product for active participants, which allows you to get the necessary knowledge, the most relevant information for the effective promotion of real estate and the development of a partner network.


The company’s activities are legal and supported by relevant registration documents.

Each company franchisee enters sign a written agreement of commercial concession with the company, which details the terms of the franchise and the partner program, the company’s obligations and the company’s responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the agreement.